Why Novice Writers Should Join a Writing Workshop

Writing is a career that requires experience and a keen eye for the non-cliché. It essentially asks more sensitivity than skill; this is why we don’t usually see writers excelling at an early age, unlike prodigies in the other arts like music, dancing, and acting.

Image source: wired.com

An important rite of passage for anyone seriously considering being a writer is the writing workshop. This is mainly because these workshops allow the would-be writer to accept criticism and discuss works openly in the company of other writers and established mentors.

Writing cannot be overly romanticized as the endeavor of hermits. No one really writes in a vacuum, so to speak. Writing workshops let writers observe how others critique works of literature, as well as give exposure to one’s own outside the familiar comments of friends and relatives. This writerly distance is needed for people to be constructively critical, in the presence of seasoned writers who can offer impartial insights on both the merits and demerits of drafts or promising works.

It goes without saying that while the typical atmosphere in these workshops is collegial, the experience can be nerve-wracking for the uninitiated. Egos must be checked at the door, and beginning writers must be able to accept suggested revisions to their respective works. One can say, in a paradoxical sort of way, that it is a good writer’s conceit to not be conceited.

Image source: writersworkshop.uiowa.edu

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Grand Canyon Hiking Tips Your Guide Won’t Tell You

The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular hiking spots in the world. There are many tour companies you can contact to make sure you have the best adventure of your life. But there’s only so much your guide can tell you to ensure your safety.

Image source : allstargrandcanyontours.com

Before you head down for a hike on the Grand Canyon, here are some tips to help you enjoy the adventure more.

1. Stay at the Rim

The rooms along the South Rim are sometimes hard to book, but reserve one if you can because this spot will allow you to arrive the night before your hike and be ready early in the morning for your trek.

2. Drive Past Tusayan

If you’re looking for delicious and reasonably-priced dinner, you should drive past Tusayan – the town right outside of the South Rim – because the restaurants in that area are overpriced and not very good, whereas pretty much any restaurant, cafeteria, or food court past Tusayan is better and less expensive.

3. Always use Bright Angel Trail

Many people, including me, have chosen the South Kaibab Trail over the Bright Angel Trail because the former is less congested and two and a half miles shorter. That changed when I got very sick on it and lost massive amounts of bodily fluids without enough water to cover up for it. There are a few safety nets in these trail, one of them is a $10,000 helicopter ride. The Bright Angel Trail, though longer, has plenty of safety nets for each sticky situation.

Image source : wikimedia.org

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The Best Surf Clothing Brands

People around the world surf for many reasons. Some just do it for fun. Others love the rush of riding a monster wave. Then there are those who see it as their way of life. What also makes surfing cool and fun is its clothing style that uniquely combines fun, comfort, and sophistication. Here are some of the best clothing brands of surfing today.

Image source: rackcdn.com

The Critical Slide Society: Founded by Jim Mitchell and Sam Coombes in 2009 in Sydney, Australia, the brand started as an idea tossed around a small beach cottage. Now, it’s full-blown force taking inspiration from surfing, fashion, and art. TCSS is known for its colorful, sun-faded, fun prints.

Battenwear: Battenwear was founded by Shinya Hasegawa in Brooklyn, New York, in 2011. Since the brand is young, it may not immediately come to mind when you think of surf apparel. But this clothing line was created by a surfer for his fellow surfers. The brand was founded when Hasegawa was unable to find clothing that will keep up with his year-round surfing.

Image source : aandhmag.com

Katin: Katin was established in 1959 by Watler and Nancy Katin in Surfside, California. Katin is popularly known for making some of the best surfing trunks available. The Katin clothing line defined the Cali beach style.

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Why “The Exorcist” Is In a Class All Its Own In Horror History

Not until 1973 had a movie affected its audience in theaters quite like William Friedkin’s The Exorcist. This film adaptation to William Peter Blatty’s supernatural detective story, was every bit as compelling, terrifying, and unforgettable as its source material.


Image source: tvtropes.org

There have been a few ages in horror movie history before The Exorcist came out. Back in the early 50s, Hollywood came out with black and white horror classics such as Frankenstein, Dracula, and The Wolf Man. Then Hammer studios in England came up with their own roster of classic monsters. When the 60s rolled around, horror films transformed and became a little more cerebral, with Hitchcock’s Psycho and Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby.

However, as chilling as these films were, they never prepared the audience for something as jarring as The Exorcist. Viewers weren’t at all expecting the visually scarring images of a demon little by little taking hold of a little girl’s body, and all the obscenities that came with it. They didn’t expect the green pea soup-spouting, head-revolving, split-tongued Linda Blair doing battle with two Jesuit priests who looked to be losing it in every aspect of their lives.


Image source: bloody-disgusting.com

Since then, The Exorcist has had two movie sequels, two movie prequels, and an amazing television show. Even today, The Exorcist stands tall and proud as the king of horror movies, with no other horror movie as its equal.

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Differentiating the CV and the resume

At some point in one’s life, they will have to write a CV and a resume for job hunting or professional purposes. While many people think both terms are interchangeable, they have their own purpose and are not one in the same. While the primary difference between the two has to do with the length of the document, below are ways to differentiate the CV from the resume and when to use one over the other.

Curriculum vitae

A curriculum vitae, or a CV, is a summary of a person’s skills and experience. It is usually two to three pages in length and is used to convey one’s academic background—maybe for a fellowship or a scholarship grant.


Image source: empliotic.com

Just like a resume, the CV must contain one’s name and contact information. While it is totally fine for a person to list their skills in a CV, the main reason organizations ask for an applicant’s curriculum vitae is to gain insight into one’s academic achievements. It can include one’s professional licenses, awards, grants and fellowships, publications, and teaching experiences.


Resumes also provide a summary of a person’s work history, accomplishments, and academic background, but it must focus on their career summary statement and objectives. It is usually a page long and is preferred to be concise for easier reading. It is commonly used in job applications.


Image source: blog.occ.com.mx

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Free Range, Hormone- And Antibiotic-Free Beef: a Win For Humans, Cattle, And The Environment

flying-v-ranch-cowsBeing smarter about food choices, such as in choosing organic, might just save people from a slew of illnesses caused by substances added to the conventional meat. A more organic way to raising cattle benefits not only humans but the environment as well.

Antibiotics are administered to cows to prevent disease, which cows are prone to when cramped in poorly sanitized spaces and when provided with contaminated feed. When cattle are free to graze farmland and feeds on grass, it is less likely for cows to get sick, hence, the less need for antibiotics. When humans consume too many antibiotics, including the ones found in conventional beef, viruses develop a resistance, making people more vulnerable to dangerous diseases.

Image source: ChestSculpting.com

Image source: ChestSculpting.com

Hormones are meant to speed up the growth of cows, but the hormones get retained in the meat and are transferred to humans when eaten. There is speculation that these hormone additives increase the risk of cancer. The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires that no hormones are administered before meat can be labeled as organic.

Since organic farming practices avoid the use of additives, they lessen the pollution of the soil and groundwater. Organic farms also use less energy than industrial farms.

Steve Sorensen is a partner in Flying V-Bar Ranch, whose Sweetwater division practices free range, hormone- and antibiotic-free cattle farming. For similar articles, subscribe to this blog.

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The Best For Both Worlds: How Staffing Agencies Benefit Employers And Employees

Staffing agencies have helped employers and employees alike in their respective objectives.

Image source: 7geese.com

Image source: 7geese.com

Several job positions, from blue-collar works to professional ones, can be found in the staffing industry. Even uncommon ones, including biotechnologists, videographers, and dentists, are occupations available for those who are looking for it, and, of course, qualified.

Job seekers looking for permanent work can turn to temporary employment as the latter can bridge them to the former. According to research, about a third of temporary and contract workers had been offered permanent positions by the firm that employed them.

Temporary employment has also allowed flexibility, giving the individual work at the time and location of his choosing. A job agency also provides the opportunity to experience various industries, companies, or career paths without the long-term commitment.

Employers, on the other hand, have opted to work with temp agencies because it allows them to hire workers who fit their needs, depending on the job opening, contract basis (full-time, part-time, temporary, contractual, or project-based), and skill level.

Image source: truthinhealthcare.org

Image source: truthinhealthcare.org

Some agencies even provide human resources and administrative functions by managing hiring, terminations, and employment liabilities, such as payroll, Medicare, and other benefits. The employer needs only to specify the number of workers it requires, how long they are needed, and the salary level.

Business leader Steve Sorensen is the former CEO of Select Staffing and advisor for Butler America, specialty staffing enterprises that have helped employers and employees alike. Read more on Mr. Sorensen here.

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